It is not easy to decide what to wish if you have only one choice ... Viktor and his family have been thinking a lot about how Magic Lamp could please the big boy with sincere joy.

Viktor has been playing guitar for a year, he is singing and music means everything for him, primarily Ed Sheeran's music.

It is not a wonder when he learnt that his favorite musician will perform at Sziget Festival, he said he would like to listen to the concert and maybe meet him ... Of course, he knew from the very beginning that this second wish was truly a dream.

We cut our axe into a big tree when we committed to fulfill this wish ...

Since HE Iain Lindsay, Ambassador of Great-Britain knows very well the mission of our foundation, and already helped in realizing several beautiful dreams, we have asked him and his colleagues’ help to fulfill this wish. For a couple of weeks, we were very excited, doing lots of organization, waiting for the good news that it is going to work.

Viktor placed confidence in us all along the way that we will succeed. (We were also trusting, but we knew good luck is also needed to fulfill such a wish.)

The eagerly awaited meeting took place on 7th August, just before Ed Sheeran's concert.

Viktor was genuinely prepared, made a beautiful drawing for his favorite musician and he also wrote to him in English.

Mr. Sheeran, Ed greeted us very kindly and was talking to Victor after a couple of minutes as if he'd known him for a long time. The big boy's most important question he wanted to get an answer for was; how to compose music. Ed only replied that he doesn’t even know, the music just coming from himself. This is called talent - I whispered to Viktor.

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Of course, the common photos could not be missed either, Viktor told that he also learns to play the guitar and said that Ed made him the happiest child in the world by letting his dream come true.

I tried to translate among them as well as possible. Honestly, sometimes it was difficult because I was swallowing my tears while seeing Victor's face and what this meeting meant to him, seeing his drawing and reading what he wrote on the back of the drawing in English.

I'm sure the meeting will contribute to Viktor's recovery, and he confirmed this to me as well. I hope one day he will be the star musician on the stage and we will be there among the fans.

I am very grateful for being part of another Magic Lamp miracle and getting known you, Viktor. Wishing you a full recovery as soon as possible!

On behalf of Viktor, we would like to thank for the support to Mr. Ed Sheeran and his manager, to HE Iain Lindsay, the Ambassador of Great Britain, to his colleagues at the British Embassy, and of course to the Sziget’s management, and also to our private supporters, without whom this dream could not have come true.

Eva Patzauer
Budapest, August 7, 2019

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