Ákos (16 years old, Kecskemét)

The mother of Ákos contacted "Csodalámpa" concerning his son who is paralysed and can leave the flat only with the help of his parents.

He wanted to have a laptop to be able to keep in contact with the 'outside' world and which would give him some activity and would give him the possibility to get news and communication.

The wish came true on the 18th of June 2007.
Ákos was unbelievable happy for the present and he could hardly wait his father to open the box of. (unfortunately he can't hold anything by himself) We could feel who much he was waiting to start the computer.

/ 5

It was an unbelievable for us to see how a laptop gives the happiness and the contact with the society for a 16 years old teenager...

Ms. Erzsébet Zsombori and Ms. Andrea Kakóné Gál
Kecskemét, 18.06.2007

We are very greatful to the pupils, their parents and teachers of the American International School in Budapest, that they have helped us to realise another "wonder". '''

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