2007-06-28 Anett

=== Anett Tiszafüred

Is your job boring? Is your boss swinging the lead, too? Don't hesitate. Take your bike and don't stop till Tiszafüred.

Thanks to the beautiful sunshine and a young lady who wished for a bike yesterday we had a ride to Tiszafüred. On a bike that is equipped as it is supposed to: with a bell, a little basket, a water bottle and a red posy.

Anett, the new owner, didn't know anything about it. Not like Mrs Major, Anita the old owner. She offered the bike that she bought when she got her first salary so that she could go to work more easily.

And now she shared her memories with the 12-year -old young lady. In return for it Anett promised to take a good care of the nice mountain bike. We hope that riding in the fresh air you'll get well soon, Anett.

Ildikó PALÁSTI wish-coordinator
Tiszafüred, 2007.02.05.

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