Zolika was just recently diagnosed. He comes from very hard living conditions where his mother raises him alone, so we wished to put a big smile on his face even more.

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He would never be able to afford a mobile phone, something he was dreaming about, he would never have had a smart watch he couldn’t even dream about... I knew that it is a big gift for his age, but I just couldn’t resist those smart and wonderful eyes, that could talk.

Zolika thought he must come for a blood test to the hospital. I cooperated with his mother, so our white lie was easily believable. He did not suspect anything. I did not draw too much time as I could see in his big eyes that he was worried, so I quickly went to the cupboard and brought the smartphone and watch he always wanted.

You can imagine his surprise! He immediately opened the gift and started to use it. Although we could not hug me because of the current COVID-19 situation, even a blind mand would see the happiness and his bright smile.

He was indescribable happy and grateful. He could not stop saying thank you. He told us to tell his best wishes to the donors: "I hope that all of your days will be as happy as my day was today!"

A big thank you for all of the sponsors especially the students and teachers of the American International School of Budapest. Without their help Zolika’s wish could not have been fulfilled!

Edina Nagy
Miskolc, November 04, 2020


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