Gergő is a sweet big boy, who really desired to go home after a long and tiring hospitalisation.

His wish was an Xbox, so he can play exciting building or car games together with his siblings or alone. There came a time when his doctors finally released him home. Even though the biggest happiness for him came a few days later, when surprise of Magic Lamp has arrived.

I believe there isn’t a day now that Gergő or his siblings are getting bored...

We received a thank you letter and several pictures from his mother after a few days:
Dear Foundation,
Today we received your gift. You brought such a great amount of joy to our son! We would like to sincerely thank you!

We would like to thank our private sponsors, among them to Mr. Klehn's family and Dr. Gyula Antolik, who helped us to make the wish of Gergő a reality.

Éva Ferencsik Benedekné
Miskolc, November 13, 2020


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