The young lady wished to get her driving licence the soonest... Her words mirror her immense happiness:

"Dear unknown Gini,

I would like to thank you for your kind help that made it possible to realise my dream that seemed so far in the future...
That you has found me and presented me with this opportunity gave me so much energy, happiness and motivation, that studying the KRESZ (Highway Code) made the two last chemo session just fly by almost unnoticed!

I promise to do everything to become a good driver - I want to make sure, that if you happen to be behind me at a red light sometime in the future, you won't need to honk because my engine stalls...

WIth grateful thanks

We would like to thank in the name of Titanilla too the help and support of the Prime Rate Kft. and that of the Jó?Jó!Autósiskola driving school!

Erika Gardos
Pécel, November 12, 2020


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