Róbert Dávid (10, Győr)

Our Magic Lamp team, 12-year-old Kira, 10-year-old Robi, 11-year-old Zoli, and 17-year-old Gergő, met on the morning of May 12th 2017, at the airport. Our destination was Paris and then on to Euro Disney. Our intention, to discover the world of fairy tales.

The flight was already an exciting experience for those kids who were flying the first time . After landing in Paris, we got on the TGV, which,speeding along at up to 320 kms per hour, took us to Euro Disney in 10 minutes. We stayed at the Sequoia hotel. The hotel’s really nice ambiance, the warm welcome we received, and the great programs organized for the kids all put our little group into a very happy mood. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and many other cartoon characters visited the hotel several times a day. This provided ample opportunities for the kids to have their photos taken with them. We rested a little after checking in, then set out to discover the park even though it was raining. The real exploration, however, only happened in the next couple of days, when the sunny weather was more conducive to outdoor activities. Adults and children were equally enchanted by the beauty and the spectacles of the park. The kids were having fun all day long in the world of magic and fairy tales, trying many different attractions. They rode on the miniature train, shot at aliens, drove a Cadillac, and got to know different cultures on the “ it's a small world“ ride. Robi’s favourite experience was when Darth Vader personally ordered him to faithfully serve the Empire. Kira of course, preferred the world of fairy tale princesses and the castle of Sleeping Beauty. The high point was the afternoon parade of Disney characters, where princes, princesses, fairies, pirates, and animal characters in marvelous costumes paraded down the road, riding in carriages, on dragons, pirate ships, singing and dancing. The evening was finished with spectacular fireworks. Next day we still had a chance to enjoy the park until 4 pm, because our flight to Budapest left late.

We returned home from the magical land of tales exhausted, but full of enchanting experiences.

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We would like to thank our sponsors, Mr. Dennis Diokno, Mrs Mária Hobályné Pédl, Euro Disney Associes S.C.A. and our private supporters for making this trip possible and making the wishes of Kira, Robi, Zoli, and Gergő coming true,and giving them unforgettable experiences.

Magdolna Reguliné Gyura and Ivánné Ugrai
Paris, 14.05.2017

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