With a fabulous trip to Disneyland, the dream of 3 children came true at once.

It was the first flight of all of them, and they had a really fantastic experience: they got into the cockpit, and then during the flight, the pilot suddenly announced that Vanessa, who is celebrating her 14th birthday today, and to whom the flight crew wishes a very happy birthday, will be traveling with us on this flight. It was touching.

After landing, we went to the hotel. The children received nice gifts, then they headed to the room, then to the park, where a sufficiently crazy roller coaster followed. Adrenaline filled and we spun until 10:00 p.m. A quick dinner followed, then we slept soundly, and the next day we got up fresh.

After a rich and delicious breakfast, we hurried to the park, where we saw a lot of beauty: roller coaster, enchanted castle, the world of Peter Pan, the splendor of Snow White and so much that it is impossible to describe. We spent the whole day in this fabulous place.

Everyone really enjoyed it. We went to take pictures with Bell and Cinderella and had a good chat with them. Then came another roller coaster ride, boating with Pirates of the Caribbean, then the beautiful world of Peter Pan and we went to shoot the monsters with a laser. The last three have become everyone's favorites in my opinion. The afternoon parade was followed by an early dinner and then we rested for an hour before watching the fantastic evening fireworks.

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The fireworks and other experiences completely mesmerized everyone at the same time, and the children huddled together, tired, happy and a little cold watching this dreamy show. It was past midnight before we arrived at the elegant hotel with the surging crowd.
On behalf of everyone, thank you very much for this weekend that will never be forgotten!

We are grateful to our supporters, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd., Disneyland Paris, Jet Travel, Fornax, Hesse Trade Kft. for making Vanessa's dream come true!


Péter Boris
Paris, April 20, 2024.


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