Adrienn had a long-cherished desire to go to Iceland and discover its natural beauties. She was excited to travel and her dream became a reality this weekend! Even the flight was a great experience for Adri, who had never flown before. She was the first to board the plane, and while the other passengers were boarding, she got to know the captain and the flight attendants in the cockpit, she could even try out the pilot's seat, operate buttons and levers, while she was told many interesting things about the aircraft. The Wizz Air crew made the already beautiful trip even more special with their kindness.

We arrived at the hotel in the evening, but did not spend much time there, we went to search for the northern lights, the Auroras. We went to the port to the Lighthouse, where, together with several tourists, we waited for more than an hour for the special celestial phenomenon to appear somewhere. Unfortunately, the aurora eluded us, but the next day's fabulous excursion made up for it.

After breakfast, we took a full day bus trip to explore Iceland's southern region, the iconic Golden Circle. We drove in sparkling sunshine through impressive natural landscapes. Our first stop was a huge crater, then we roamed the spectacular Geysir area, where the springs were boiling and erupting into the air every few minutes. Our next stop was the Gullfoss waterfall, part of which froze to ice, that presented us a fabulous sight. We ended our trip with a walk in Pingvellir National Park.

I'm sure this fantastic weekend – the many beautiful natural treasures, the atmosphere of Reykjavik, the delicious food, the flight – will be an experience of a lifetime for Adrienn.

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We are grateful to our supporters, Wizz Air Hungary Zrt, ibis Styles Budapest Airport, MVM Energy Zrt., Jet Travel, Keri Dekor, and our private supporters, including Mr. Ottó Balogh, as well as members and leaders of XpatLoop, the largest expat organization in Hungary, that we could make Adrienn's dream come true.

Erika Gárdos
Reykjavik, 25 February 2024.


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