Zoé is a lively little girl, but due to her illness she cannot go to kindergarten at the moment. She loves dogs very much, all she wanted was a dwarf Pomeranian to play with all day. She has already guessed its name, she will call her little pet "Csoki"(Chocolate). She secretly hoped that they would enjoy the decorated Christmas tree together at Christmas, so we rubbed the magic lamp to fulfill Zoé's wish.

The big "meeting" took place before Christmas, when they came to Budapest for a control examination. Chocolate immediately climbed into Zoé's hands and curiously sniffed and kissed its new owner. The little girl could hardly believe that her dream had come true. Although they still had a long and tiring journey home in the afternoon, the time flew by in no time with the dog.

We would like to thank the organizers of the Diplomatic Charity Fair, the Budapest Diplomatic Spouses Organization and our private sponsors, for helping us to make Zoé's wish come true.

Beáta Ratimorszky
wish coordinator
Budapest, 20. 12. 2023.


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