Kamilla (5, Budapest)

Kamilla's wish from the Magic Lamp Foundation was to spend a few days at the Nyíregyházi Zoo with her family. She particularly liked the sloth and had to visit it several times, but she also enjoyed the seal show and the penguins. She spent a lot of time on the hotel's playground as well.

Here are a few lines from a thank-you letter written by Kamilla's mother:

Dear Magic Lamp Foundation,
We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful opportunity that allowed us to relax in such a beautiful place, especially Kamilla. She enjoyed it very much, as did we, at the Hotel Pangea and the Zoo. I wish you all good health, as you do an enormous job.



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We would like to thank Henkel Magyarország Ltd. for their assistance in fulfilling Kamilla's wish.

Dr. Katalin Kántor
wish coordinator
Nyíregyháza, September 10, 2023.


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