Olivér (3 years old, Szombathely)

We’ve left home to go Szombathely on Saturday morning to surprise little Oliver.

Oliver is 4 years old and he was diagnosed for r*** c**** when he was only 9 month old. The treatment was successful; thank God he has been asymptomatic.

His wish was to get his own playground in their garden.
While he was sent to his grandparents we have had it set up for him.

The happiness on his face has made our weekend full of sunshine as well. He and his brother have tried out the new toy immediately...

I hope that I will have more opportunity in the future to make o lot of kids like Olivér’s wish come true.


Katalin Huszárné Török
Szombathely, August 9, 2014

In Oliver’s name we wish to make a special thank you for our junior supporter Sadie.

Her story on it:


A few years ago I was in a special situation and got 500.000 -ft.

I’ve chosen to use up most of the money to help sick kids and teenagers who are unable to have a normal childhood because of a serious disease.
I would like to make their wish come true and make them happy.

With the Magic Lamp Foundation’s help I’ve already helped 2 people.
One of them is called Dani the other one is called Csongor.

Dani’s wish was to go to Formula-1 race and meet some of the drivers. He is 17 years old and has a very serious case of M***a g***s , since he is 13. He is a very nice boy who even helped homeless people when he himself was in a worse condition. He is now much better and hopefully he will be able to live a long life with help of all the medications.

Oliver is 4 years old and he has r*** c***. He has had bone marrow transplantation at the age of one.
Now he is better, but still has to go for control every 2 month. He and his family have moved into a new home and Csongor’s wish was to get his own playground in their garden. His wish will come true next week when my family and I will go to Szombathely to help to set it up.

I hope I made them happy and they will live a long and healthy life.


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