Csodabogarak/Privacy Policy

Please click on this link to read in entirety the Privacy Policy of the Csodalámpa Foundation.

Magic Bugs webpage is run by Magic Lamp Foundation. For more information in English please click on the following link: www.csodalampa.hu

How is the "Magic Bugs" fundraising done?
At the time of registration the generous and enthusiastic athletes choose a running or other event where they will participate as Magic Lamp Foundation’s sport ambassadors, also known as Magic Bugs, and also set a fundraising target. The charitable runners can choose whether they want to raise money toward granting a specific wish, or support the Foundation in general. All donations will be transferred to the bank account of Magic Lamp, and every donor will be notified of the receipt of their donation. The identification and recording of the donations and the notification of donors is an ongoing process that can take a week so we ask for your patience in that regard. New members of the Magic Bug team will receive their own area on this website in order to make their fundraising more effective and successful. The appropriation of the collected donations has been audited and certified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the most recognized companies in the industry, since 2007.

Who will be notified of your pledge-donation?
Your name and your message will be posted on the personal site of the runner you sponsor. Of course you can choose to stay anonymous. In this case please choose the following option at the time of your donation: I wish to remain anonymous. However, we still need your name; it just won’t be posted on the website.

Individual Donations
You can donate online using your bank card or PayPal. Bank card donations are processed through the OTP Mobil LTD. Simple secure payment site. If you don’t want to donate online, you can use bank transfer. The account number of Magic Lamp is the following: 10918001-00000015-99050010 (UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt).
Please make sure to write the name of the runner you support in the remark field.

Business Donations
Companies, organizations and other legal entities can also sponsor Magic Lamp Foundation. They can use the same method for donations as individuals – through the introductory website of a runner or a team. Following the donation the name you write in the family name and given name fields will appear on the list of benefactors. You do not have to put down the official name of the company or the organization, but the name that you want to see on the donor list. For this we also need you to include your email address. Donors are identified by the tax number and email address provided on the online donation page. Magic Lamp Foundation as a non-profit organization is bound by law to mail out an official receipt certificate for all business donations by the end of January the following year to the head offices of the donor companies. For donations over 50,000 HUF it is necessary to sign a sponsorship contract. For more information please visit the following links: info@csodalampa.hu or partolo@csodalampa.hu

Wishes of children
The target amount of the wish selected by a runner always includes the actual cost of the procurement of the product or service, and the cost of organization and fulfillment of the wish. If the donated amount is higher than the target amount, the difference will go toward financing the day-to day operation of the Foundation.

Which athlete should you support?
We are happy if you decide which runner to support regarding the fundraising targets on the introductory websites of the runners. If you cannot decide, you also have the option to donate money toward the operating costs of Magic Lamp. You can be certain that your contribution will help us making more wishes come true.