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34. SPAR Budapest Maraton Fesztivál

FirstMed's team have been taking part in running shorter and longer distances for years, including Marathons, promoting the wish-fulfilling Magic Lamp Foundation. We raise donations to fulfill the wishes of sick children. This time we are about to make the dream of the 17-year-old Zsolt come true, who asked for a smartphone to be able to keep in touch with his schoolmates and friends while receiving treatment in the hospital.

Quan Zsolt

17 years old
He would like a Smartphone.
200 000 Ft

Quan Zsolt's wish has been granted!

His real name is Quan - everyone calls him Zsolt - attended a cooking school but due to his illness, he had to leave this school. Now he studies to become a computer technician. He used to go to the movies with his friends, but now he watches his favorite movies at home or in the hospital. Zsolt did not give up cooking, he prepares meals with his mother when he is home from the hospital. With the new phone, he will be able to look for new recipes as well.


  • 123 000 Ft (a FirstMed-FMC Kft. munkatársai)

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