FirstMed-FMC Kft.

33. SPAR Budapest Marathon

As members of the FirstMed-FMC Ltd. gropup we have been attending Marathon races for years, where we finish the distance wearing Magic Lamp T-shirts helping to make the wish-granting foundattion more well known. With the running we are saving up donations for wish granting of sick children, so now our aim to realise the dream of 9 years old Tamás. Tamás asked for a laptop to keep in touch with his friends and to make the recovery period easier for him.


14 years old
He would like a laptop.
220 000 Ft

Tamás's wish has been granted!

’My hobby is sound engineering. I’m watching youtube videos to learn more. I’m in the progress of building a speaker. I can’t go to school so it would be much easier keeping in touch with my classmates if I could have a laptop, and it would also help me learn much more. I’m really happy that people are donating for my wish. Thank you for the opportunity.’


  • 81 000 Ft (Anonymous donor)
  • 119 000 Ft (Anonymous donor)

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