Magic Lamp's running ambassadors: the Magic Bugs

Pass it on, there is hope!

Private persons and employees of companies that support Magic Lamp's activities has started a kind of movement, named "Magic Bugs".
The participants, the "Magic Bugs", take part for their own healths and for the sake of "magic lamp" children in major running events like the Vivicitta, K&H and Spar Marathons.

The activity of the "Magic Bugs" is a true "win-win" situation: the runners do their favourite sport, collect donations to support the Magic Lamp Foundation and can get their share of the happiness of one ore more magic lamp children.

From the collected funds our Foundation will grant wishes and where when the circumstances allow it, runners and/or representatives of their ‘sponsoring colleagues’ can be present at the granting of wishes (depends on type of request, place of the fulfillment, etc.).

The first wish - sponsored by MagicBugs - was granted! Niki Niki got fantastic furniture to her room.

The aims of the "Magic Bugs":

"Use" the popularity of major running events to:

  • Promote the activity of the Csodalampa Foundation
  • Find and attract new supporters & volunteers
  • Attract new sponsors - mainly individuals - who are willing to support a transparent charitable activity via ‘microdonations’, (crowdfunding)
  • Strengthen the financial footing of the foundation via a new stream of charitable fundraising
  • Promote health consciousness and the feeling of responsibility for each other

You can support the movement of "Magic Bugs" by

  • donating to grant a special wish published on our crowdfunding page, a wish, the "Magic Bugs" are runnig for
  • donating with your bankcard
  • transfering funds to the bank account of Csodalámpa Alapítvány at the Unicreditbank
IBAN HU18 1091 8001 0000 0015 9905 0010

For more info contact:

Patzauer Éva

Important information: how to use our crowdfunding page (tovább...)

Companies and private persons supporting the "Magic Bugs" movement

Company and runner Contact persons
Firstmed-FMC Kft.Liam Crow
Morgan Stanley Kft.Czakó János
Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt.Kővári Ákos
Phoenix Pharma Zrt.Vogronics Krisztina
Provident Zrt.Szerencsés Tamás
PwC Magyarország Simon Katalin
TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
Bencsik Edit
UNHCRCsongvai Kristóf
K&H Biztosító Zrt. (tovább...) Gergelyné Mohácsi Edit
Budapest Marriott Hotel
Kiss Zsuzsanna
independent runnerdr. Nagy-Baranyi Nóra
independent runnerTabi Márta
independent runnerHehl Balázs
independent runnerMárkus Mónika

Running calendar

See you next year!

Magic Bugs also at the 30. SPAR Marathon (tovább...)

Magic bugs at the WizzAir run (tovább...)

More than 100 "Magic Bug" runners represented Magic Lamp Foundation at the 22. K&H Marathon & Half-marathon relay. (tovább...)

Pictures from the 30. Telekom Vivicitta (tovább...)

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