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12 years, 2718 wishes!


Magic Lamp Wish Fulfilling Foundation

Our mission

Annual meeting of the Magic Lamp volunteers, October 4, 2014

The mission of the Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp) Wish Fulfilling Foundation is to grant a wish to any, 3-18 years old child, who suffers from a life-threatening illness and whose family normally cannot afford to fulfil this wish.

By granting the wish, the foundation would like to make the life of these children a little happier if only for a few hours or days.

We hope that with our help they will be able to forget the hospital, medicines, treatments, become - at least for a while "everyday" children and maybe we can also strengthen their, and their families', belief and hope in a recovery.

We regret to say that according to current statistics there are about 5000 children in Hungary who - based on their medical status - are eligible to wish...

Will you please assist us?

You can help us by donating the objects or the funds to finance the fulfilling of the wishes or finance the running of the foundation. (By the way, all our board members and helpers do not receive a cent. They are rewarded only by the smiles of the children for their efforts)

Bankaccount Unicreditbank Hungary Zrt.
IBAN HU18 1091 8001 0000 0015 9905 0010
EU tax number HU18248670

Assisting us does not necessarily mean only funding:

You can help us by telling us about a child - who you believe may be eligible for a wish - or tell his/her parents, doctors about the Magic Lamp Foundation. Please note, that we can only accept a referral from the parents, the treating medical staff or from the child him/ herself.

You can help us to fulfill a wish by providing the "right" connections to the right people.

You can help us in person, to run the foundation or become involved in the wish-granting process. Yes, it is a real process in many steps: talk to the "child's" treating doctor, the family, organizing funding, travel, tickets, hotel, an finally record the "critical" moment, when the wish is no longer a wish but becomes a reality.

You can help us many other ways that you will only be able to find out by seeing the wishes in progress on our home page.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope to meet you as a "Magic Lamp" Volunteer or on one of our events.

How do we work?

The Csodalámpa Wish Fulfilling Foundation does not offer a "menu-card" of wishes to the children. Therefore we can only start to organise the granting of the wish after we have received the particular details.

The majority of the wishes will fall into one of the following categories:

  • To get something / e.g. bicycle, books, PC, etc./
  • To go somewhere / e.g. travelling, to the Zoo, sailing, to a concert etc./
  • To meet somebody / e.g. a sportsman, a clown, an actor, a musician etc./
  • To do something / e.g. to drive a tractor, to be a policeman or fireman etc. /

The board has an exclusive right and 90 days to decide about granting a wish.

+ First we check, whether the child is eligible for a wish.
+ Then check our means and the time-frame, to establish whether we will be able (and when) to fulfil the wish.
+ After a formal board decision, we will start the arrangements
+ Document the - hopefully - positive result
+ Pocket our earnings: a lot of smiles.

For more information you can contact us in English, German, French or Hungarian: csodalampa@t-online.hu

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