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The Csodalámpa (Magic Lamp) Foundation fulfills one wish of any lcritically ill child, aged between 3 and 18. The Foundation has been active since 2003 and has already fulfilled more than 3000 wishes all over Hungary. The actual number is shown on the right side of the homepage in the blue box.

In 2017 we were able to conjure smiles on the faces of 263 ill children, with the help of our many supporters.

Among the wishes there were many simple objects, like a puppet or a PC and quite a lot of special dreams as well, like a caressing dolphins or meeting famous sportsmen, actors, and other celebrities. The list of the latters is quite impressive; from David Copperfield in 2004 to Carlos Santana or Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2015...

We publish reports and photos about each wish-granting on our homepage. We must apologise, but because of capacity problems it has proved impossible to translate all those in English and German, but I hope that the photos tell the story most of the times.

As for the financial side, we operate primarily but not solely on private and company donations and some free "in kind" services.
A Hungarian "speciality": the income tax payers could direct 1% of their payed tax to civil organisations, like ours. We have recieved and shall use for wish granting 15.5 Million HUF of "1%-s" after the tax-year of 2016, transferred by the Hungarian tax authority to our account in mid-September 2017.

We have got important company and pivate grants that have allowed us to be able to fulfill some "expensive" wishes as well, like travels abroad for special wishes, that cannot be fulfilled in Hungary.

Since 2007 our balance sheet and annual report has been audited - as part of their CSR activity - by the Hungarian office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. You can read the translations of these audit reports and other informations in English here: Introducing Magic Lamp Foundation

As an innovation we introduced a few years ago an easier way to support our cause financially: by clicking on Donate you can donate directly to Csodalámpa through the Internet by simply using your bankcard.
The technical background is provided by the biggest Hungarian retail bank OTP Bank's secure and widely used Internet payment system called Simple.
For donations you can also use your PayPal account by using our e-mail: - that is maybe more "user-friendly" and common to our English-speaking supporters.

As for our plans, with your support we carry on running our 150 strong nationwide wish-granting network in order to give more joy to the "csodalámpa" children.

Thank you for supporting our cause.

November 15, 2017

President, founder

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