English title

English title

Magic Lamp Foundation


By supporting the Magic Lamp Foundation, we can jointly help every Magic Lamp child to:

• Break the routine of longterm hospital care...
• Open up the world of hospital care room...
• Give hope to enjoy the ’unreal, impossible’ wish to come true

Throughout the 15 years of our foundations’ operation we have fulfilled more to 3000 wishes countrywide. By granting a wish we can greatly contribute to a child happiness and to strengthen the belief and hope in recovery.

Support a seriously ill children to make their dream come true! Even the smallest help is big help!

21 500 Ft Pledged of 300 000 Ft Goal



  • 2500 Ft (Iván Rozália)
  • 2000 Ft (Simonné Éva)
  • 5000 Ft (Balthazár Noémi)
  • 3000 Ft (Kovács Anikó)
  • 2000 Ft (Edit Cserniné Surányi)
  • 2000 Ft (Bainé Mitró Katalin)
  • 5000 Ft (Lengyel Ágnes)

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